Must be the Money

A lot in the sports world lately has been revolving around the issue of money

joe johnson

It started back over the summer with the hectic NBA free agency period where we saw MARGINAL SUPERSTARS like Joe Johnson and Rudy Gay “convince” the Atlanta Hawks & Memphis Grizzlies respectively that they were worth Max contract Money even though neither have shown anything extraordinary in the years they have been in the NBA. Dont get me wrong I am a fan of both players and I play with both teams on NBA 2K11 on Xbox360, but both signings and a couple of others showed how desperate teams were to get ANYONE to keep pace with the Miami Heat, even if it meant overpaying…

Speaking of the Heat we also WITNESSED the union of the Miami-3
While many expected each of the three to garner Max Contracts, each took LESS money (yeah shockingly) in order to allow the Heat to sign some help in Udonis Haslem, Big Z, James Jones, Mike Miller and a couple other spacefillers, including Jerry Stackhouse who they signed for a bag of funyons and a jug of sweet tea.
I purposely chose this picture of the three because I believe as much talent and the dreaded P word (potential) Lebron has, the team still belongs to D-Wade. He has shown me that he has the desire and ability to carry a team to victory unlike Lebron while in Cleveland. Bosh to me is nothing more than a product of being on a bad team in Toronto and having to do everything but not really being good at it. But no sooner than the inked dried on each of the contracts, many NBA viewers (not sure if I want to call them fans) were ready to anoint the 2010 Miami Heat the second coming of the 95-96 72-10 Chicago Bulls. However I still believe that the NBA Championship road runs through Tinseltown and the L.A. Lakers, who have a more cohesive trio of Kobe, Gasol, and whoever else steps up on a that particular night, but that’s a later blog.

The next two money situations are currently happening in the sports world first is the beginning of Baseball free agency or as some call it the New York Yankee Financial Invitational. I am still baffled at how year in year out they are able to toss enough money at the top free agents to lure them to the big city. This year they have set their sights on hired hand Cliff Lee.

Lee has spent the past three years bouncing between Cleveland, Seattle, Philadelphia and Texas. While his 2008 season with the Indians was great (22-3 with a 2.54 era and 170K) his subsequent seasons did not scream Ace money (26-22 3.21 ERA) But ive learned that sports contracts rarely are rewarded due to the body of a players work, usually its a matter of what have you done lately, and the way Lee performed in the ALDS and ALCS he has become the primary option for the Yanks. I personally hope he doesn’t fall for the bright lights of the Big City and signs a contract anywhere but with the Yankess, but when you dealing with GM whose last name is CASHMAN you never know…

cam newton
The most troubling money story is taking place in college football. Arguably the most dynamic player this year and Heisman frontrunner Cameron Newton is mired in the middle of allegations that accuse him and his father of seeking financial payments in order to sign with Mississippi States coming out of junior college in TX (after leaving University of Florida under other controversal issues; cheating/stealing a laptop). What is confusing me is the act that while there have been speculations of it happening there is no definite confirmations, all we have is the dreaded SPECULATION, and in the sports world that is just as damaging as definite information. While there are reports that say MSU recruiters distanced themselves after the talk of money came up, the fact that Cameron’s father even suggested it makes it a potential violation. Not only if found to be true can these allegations crush his Heisman hopes, it can jeopardize Auburn’s great run to the mythical college football National Championship due to them playing a subsequently ineligible player. What makes this a compromising circumstance is that Auburn will probably not know the truth about the allegations until after the season; so do they sit Cam now until they find out the truth or do they keep playing him and believe that this is all a major misunderstanding…

While I do not believe Auburn was aware of any wrongdoings involving Cam Newton, there has always been whispers of S.E.C. teams bending/stretching/breaking rules and regulations, and if it is revealed that Mississippi State officials were aware of things going on, this could be another strike against the powerful conference.

At the end of the day regardless of what sport it is: Money Is A Major Issue


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