Nelly Birthday Party in Charlotte

Thanks to my homie Felisha Fletcher and the the It Factor Media Group (shout out to Meka working hard at the door too glad u didn’t have to hem up shiny dress girl) I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago to be in attendance at Nelly’s birthday party 5th Element … It was a nice crowd, and the energy was high. Most of the taken were in the DJ booth with Mr Stl himself, having a ball on the mic… The DJ did a great job of covering everything under the sun musically from Dr Dre to Frankie Beverly and Maze, the crowd was very diverse and even was fortunate to get a shot of the beautiful Ashanti. I happened to be waiting for the crowd to disperse talking to photographer I’m cool with and looked up and there she was sitting in the VIP away from the crowd that had surrounded Nelly, so after putting on the Pretty Boy Charm was able to even get a shot with her… Shot out to the Bobcat players (Stephen Jackson in particular) who were in attendance as well.

To make the night even more special they even had video coverage throughout the night, shout out to Darren i know tank Sauls for the Co-Executive Production check him out one of the coolest dudes i know… maybe one day ill get that invite to the family dinner I keep missing LOL

video done by Amil of Aaron Barnes Studio


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