Play another slow jam…

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I love music… it is a big part of my life, it encourages me, soothes me and helps me through my life. Everything from rap to some rock music, I can say that i appreciate GOOD music. Since my taste in music always varied I was always one to make “mix tapes” of my favorite songs. Many of my mix tapes were genre specific; generally rap, R&B, and lately gospel. As technology evolved so did the way I constructed my musical masterpieces. As a youth most of the songs came through listening to the radio at night and popping a tape cassette (a true relic) and recording directly from there. Now I must say the quality was HORRIBLE and you always ran the risk of the song being cut off or a radio personalty talking over it, but i made due. Ill never forget going on a trip with my parents and the nights leading up to leaving listing to 96.3 in Detroit (when it still played urban music) and dubbing songs like kriss kross “Jump” and Vanessa Williams “save the best for last” (weird combo, i know LOL) I listened to that tape the whole trip over and over…

Once I got to college, me and my boys at EMU evolved to the wonderful world of burning CDs and the pioneer of music file sharing; NAPSTER… Due to not having the resources ourselves we would make up lists of the current popular songs and give it to an indian guy down the hall and he would make us whatever we wanted… thinking about it, not even sure if we paid him for his services … then as each of us got computers we took turns flooding our hard drives with music (and plenty of viruses that came along with them) that would be the source of our many mix cds… I was heavy into rap music back then but every so often i would make a slow jam CD to try to impress a girl; some times it worked often it didn’t they just ended up wanting their own copy to play for a guy they were into LOL… Even after college I would make cds and give them titles based on the purpose of them, Generally named after a trip I was taking and would listen to the cd…

Recently I got the itch to try my hand at making another slow jam cd. For days I pondered over the songs I would use and how I would organize them. Then it hit me, do a story line and have the songs tell a story. When that idea first hit me I wondered if I had enough songs in my collection to make a flowing cd, little did I realize that not only did I have enough songs for ONE CD but I ended up having enough material for TWO. The more and more I listened to the songs I began to get a mental visual that played out like a movie and my songs were the soundtrack…

Chocolate Goodness Vol. 1: The Set up
1. Mrs Sexy- Robin Thicke
2. Okay- Usher
3. Here with you- Rudy Currence
4. Sobeautiful- Musiq
5. Here I am- Monica
6. Bad Habits- Maxwell
7. Friends dont let Friends Sleep Alone- Joe
8. Spending Time with you- Janet Jackson
9. Slow Dance- Keri Hilson
10. House- Kevin Cossom
11. Truly- Janet Jackson
12. Pany Droppin- Trey Songz
13. Sex Therapy- Robin Thicke

Chocolate Goodness Vol 2: The Close
1. Ready to make love- Trey Songz
2. So Good- Day 26
3. Bed- J Holiday
4. Can U handle it- Usher
5. Say it- Ne Yo
6. Storm- Jamie Foxx
7. Moist- Janet Jackson
8. Jupiter Love- Trey Songz
9. Freakin me- Jamie Foxx
10. Mirro- Ne Yo
11. Making Love (into the night)- Usher
12. She- Eric Roberson
13. Overdose- Jamie Foxx
14. In a Sentimental Mood- JohnCoultrain

Yes i know there are a couple of artist like Jamie Foxx, Usher, Ne Yo and Robin Thicke that had multiple tracks on the cd but at the time of conception their songs flowed the best. I also tried to showcase a couple of artist that many casual R&B fans aren’t aware of like Kevin Cossom (talented songwriter and soon to be the next big thing in R&B), Eric Roberson (one of the best neo-soul artist out, great performer MUST SEE) and Rudy Currence ( my frat brother from the charlotte area who was recently signed to Ludacris DTP label, another GREAT live performer) Now I have since found other artist that have songs that fit just as well and have toyed with replacing a couple of songs, but you never want to mess with an original creation. What may end up happening is a Vol 3 may be created, if it flows with the first two.

As you can see and hopefully hear (surprise later) the first CD has more of a structured storyline flow, whereas the second CD is straight to the point about what took place… In making the CD, I reflected on my dating history and it coincided, usually more work is put into the winning the girls attention and many details are lost during KEY acts of affection.

Now some people may wonder why Chocolate Goodness, well its two-fold. Those who know me understand and joke me for my affinity for darker skinned women, I LOVE CHOCOLATE 🙂 and the Goodness part comes from the feeling that you get if you are lucky enough to experience what each track embodies. The goodness of a new love interest, having the feelings reciprocated and the culmination of the physical union of both.

As I said I have a surprise, I found a website that hosts music files and uploaded the CD for those who may want to hear it for themselves… Please leave comments if you download, all criticism is appreciated

*DISCLAIMER* I cannot be held accountable for the feelings/emotions/desires that may evolve from listening to these CD so listen with caution and alone if possible LOL…

Chocolate Goodness Vol 1
Chocolate Goodness Vol 2


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  1. babydollkase says:

    Kno soo very well about recording tapes from the radio..I still have mine Aww the memories…don’t live like ppl do….Love the symbol

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