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Many who know me personally, know that I am one of the biggest U-M fans there is. I can remember watching games as early as 1987 but my allegiance was cemented when I went to U-M stadium in 1990 to see my beloved Wolverines play MSU in the infamous Desmond Howard trip play… I was fortunate to also celebrate in the 1997 Championship (which coincided with my freshman year at Eastern michigan University down the street) year where they would win every Saturday morning and party with the players that night…

Many of my friend ask me consistently why I didn’t attend U-M since I am such a fan of their sports programs. I never allow my allegiance to a sports team to skew my academic goals and I considered U-M as a child but got deterred by the mystic of the university pressures…

I say all this because of the recent turn of events with my fabled U-M football squad. It all began 3 years ago when Lloyd Carr stepped down as coach and opened up the university for a new change. When they hired Rich Rodriguez I was excited because I saw the success he had at WVU and figured he could do the same with a more prestigious program in U-M… Fast forward 3 years and three of the WORST seasons in U-M history. I tried to be a supporter and give excuse after excuse for as to why they never reached their potential. But after watching them lose to MSU/PSU/Wisconsin and OSU again this year I began to be fed up with the direction of the program and started to sway my feelings of him needing to leave.

Well I got my wish after the bowl game massacre and the Athletic Director David Brandon relieved him of his coaching duties. But in doing so Brandon opened a door to even more of a two great issues; 1. who would be the next coach 2. How many players would we lose due to recruiting.

Names were thrown out left and right Jim Harbaugh being the most repeated one… and truthfully I wasnt sold on him in the beginning due to how he took jabs at the program a couple of years ago in regards to their academic standards. He basically said that U-M steers its players into easier degree programs. I think that was more of a scorned person not being considered for a job he really wanted when they hired Rich Rod. But as I thought about it more, he had the potential to recruit the right players (because he had success doing it in spite of Stanford stringent academic standards) and he could unify a broken U-M faction that I believe was the major undoing to Rich Rod not being a success. My other problem stemmed from the fact he was entertaining offers from the NFL (which he ultimately took) so what would have stopped him even after being hired at U-M to still want to be like his brother John and bolt to the big leagues thus leaving U-M in a similar situation it is in now… As we see he ended up taking the money and riding off into the San Francisco sunset to coach the 49ers so off the list he went…

next up was Brady Hoke… many of you say WHO and you are not alone… Brady Hoke was a former coordinator with U-M and moved on to Ball State and San Diego State and had some success. I liked him for the fact that he brought some success to programs who had been struggling for a while and he has the ability to adapt his scheme to what he has on the roster (went from the 4-3 at BSU to the 3-3-5 at SDSU due to the caliber of player he had). He unlike Harbaugh if offered the job would be there for a loooong time because this was a desired dream destination. My ONLY issue is the fact is the question of his ability to recruit the players needed to make U-M a national power again. Would he be able to go toe to toe with someone like Tressel, Brian Kelly hell even Mike D’Antonio up at MSU; the jury is still out. So while he would be a good consolation job he wasnt my first choice.

And more recently Les Miles has resurfaced back on the radar. Initially there were overtures that he was a candidate 3 years ago but many refute it. I still believe if there would have been more serious talks he would have been the coach then and none of these problems would be around but anyways… Les has shown the ability to coach in two major conferences the vaunted SEC and the Big 12 (at oklahoma St.) he has shown the ability to recruit nationally, even though some people around this area feel he is dirty for how he negatively recruited against Lloyd Carr, but that the nature of the beast. He has the formula to beat OSU and he will unite the fractured fan base of U-M by being not only an MICHIGAN MAN but a man of success

Now there were other names quietly mentioned like Gary Patterson (my personal choice) but never had any serious consideration but going by the two candidates of Les Miles and Brady Hoke right now my mind is saying Les Miles even though I do believe Hoke will be a great coach as well (just hope he doesn’t come back to bite U-M)

At the end of the day all I want is for U-M football to be relevant again on the National landscape, beat little brother and kick the bucknuts out of O$U…

Looks like Les Miles will be staying at LSU and thus bringing the coaching options down to only Brady Hoke… like i said he is a good guy and could work I am just ready for this nightmare to be over so they can salvage recruiting
#EPICFAIL on the part of David Brandon especially if the rumor about Les being interested if they offered him the job

Hail to the Victors

-God Bless


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