CIAA Blog: Wednesday Part I

A couple of years back I played with the idea of doing a blog during the CIAA for all the events I covered but it never came to pass so this year I really took the proper steps to do and follow through with the blog idea…

My first stop tonight was to Velocity Shoe Boutique for the 9th wonder in store appearance…
As usual my boy Dj Dexter Dynamite showing love… While it’s a thick crowd not as interactive as last year. I think part of it is cuz 9th wonder dj’ing from the red bull monster truck so its split the crowd. More of the hip hop heads outside. Being that its a sneaker boutique I’m always checking the kicks of everyone in here, there were a Couple of foamposits and a couple of jordans (including my red/black 11s) but I was still looking for that ill pair of kicks. When I find them *click*… Found them… (Insert pic) I have always been a fan of creative recs (got 3 pair myself) the colorway is simple yet effective.

The new trend is the wood “bling” plenty of woodville apparel in the building. Been debating about copping a crush one just for promo purposes…

Surprise of the night big remo of the Its a Wonderful World Music group IWWM was shooting a video for his new mixtape for LRG so u may see your boy in a scene or two. Most of the crew was in the building; Thee Tom Hardy, Rapsody (one of the hottest female rappers), Actual Proof, TP, The Away Team, Halo…
One artist he showcased that wasn’t here was Heather Victoria. I was following her on twitter but hadn’t heard any of her work… As I thought better than most of the female singers out now…check her out

Talk about a capitalizing spirit, they were already selling charlie sheen shirts here is one of them

See this is what gets me in trouble. I stick around at a venue too long I know I need to head back to the crib to get ready for IV horseman party but I’m enjoying the good music since they only play crack on the radio (9th quote) and he is so true…

See he just set off by playing some Slum Village detroit stand up!!!

Finally got up out of there. Truly hope all the artist get their just due musically. Big ups to darryl from velocity for hosting another good event. Looked like he re-uped in time to see it fly off the shelves.

Dinner shower and hit the streets up next Lavecchias for the Tip Off… Swish
Speaking of tip-off shouts out to whatsnextlex for the mixtape I will be bumping the entire weekend…


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One Response to CIAA Blog: Wednesday Part I

  1. TPC says:

    Earrrly Pewter Foamposites… actual release date: March 19th like YAK!!!

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