Not made for her to drive…

Its been a while since I posted and I MUST do better… Actually what I have been contemplating is doing a blog series called Silent Road. Over the past couple of years I have been driving to work in silence for the most part (I may listen to sports talk radio if it’s a good topic at hand) and while it initially started as part of my “me with God time” it has just turned into a series of random thoughts that I ponder along the way. While many are not substatial enough for a full individual posts, combined they create a series of scatter-brained thoughts that sometimes make sense. This will start this monday and go until I run out of thoughts LOL. I really wish I had a good dictation application or didnt hate my voice or I would verbalize my thoughts as they happen so it would be easier to blog later about them but I digress…

saudi women driving

Many may be wondering why I named this blog Made not to Drive. I came across an email from, a website that organizes various petitions to help facilitate change in the world. Normally I just delete them without really reading them but this one caught my eye. It was about applying pressure to car maker Subaru to pull out of Saudi Arabia until the women there are given the right to drive… Yeah I said it Saudi women are not allowed to drive vehicles and drive bikes. So you may be wondering how do they get around??? They either have to travel by foot or solicit the services of a male driver who many times makes their travel experience uneventful.
They sought out the help of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who initially declined but due to 20,000 signed petitions by supporters, lent her support. So some still may be wondering, yes this is unfortunate but why is Subaru implicated in this? Much of their global target market is female based and its ironic that a car company that sells cars to primarily to women would be manufacturing cars in a country that doesnt allow women to drive. Through the support of “Saudi women for driving” many females are beginning to be defiant of the ban and drive. But without larger support this could be a dangerous endeavor, and one way to support is by signing the petition which in turn will pu pressure on Subaru to either speak out on the women’s behalf or pull their plants completely out of the country.

So to quote the great Dr. Martin Luther King “An injustice anywhere, is an injustice Everywhere” And personally I feel that its imperative for more people to stand up for things they know are wrong/improper and this is my way of showing support.

Below is the link to sign the petition and also the link to in order to find out more information about the initiative as well as other causes that need our help…

I Support Saudi Women Driving Website

ABC story


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