Will work for food…spiritual food that is

I haven’t written in a while, and really am not sure why not. I constantly have blog topics but I think lately I had become frustrated with the lack of tangible recognition from me writing. I know some people visit here out of support as friends/close acquaintances but I it seemed as if wasn’t generating any new followers or if I were my stuff wasn’t intriguing enough for people to comment.

Today it hit me after reading the most current post from a blogger that I have always admired from afar @dcdistrictdiva and found comfort in seeing her talk about her experience of being in the city of Paris in her blog Truly, God is in Paris ,I realized that you may never know who is in need of inspiration or a comforting word, and I can’t worry about the number of views or amount of comments that come from my personal expressions. As with being a good person, you may not always get the pat on the back or the celebratory good job award; rest assured that there is someone out there that is now feeling better about their situation because you took the time to be transparent about the things that are happening in your life.  God has given us all light to shine in dark places and it does no one any good if you refuse to push the power button to ignite it. And I use that analogy specifically because it speaks to another twitter conversation I saw on @terracarissa timeline. Yes we all pray/wish/hope for things but at some point you must do something as well. “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:26) and to take it further, a man that does not work does not eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10)… and eating for many is being able to taste prosperity, joy, happiness, success in life. I know for so long I was that person that prayed to God for things but forgot one key component and that was to act on the opportunities He presented.

Even in writing this I am having my Oprah “ah ha” moment and there is an awakening within to write this (even while in the middle of the work day) and maybe my proverbial “work” could be in my writing and being more consistent in it and maybe then some of my own prayers will MANIFEST because they have already been answered, I just haven’t seen them how God needs me to.


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A kritical thinker that has a lot on his mind... Lover of all things good great conversationalist that will discuss anything if you are courageous enough to bring it up

3 Responses to Will work for food…spiritual food that is

  1. Cametra Edwards says:

    I’ve felt that way about posting on FB at times, why bother? But as you so eloquently stated, you never know…. So thanks for sharing! I agree the writing may be more about you fulfilling your purpose than who posts or comments. Hang in there.

  2. MahoganyPoet says:

    This feeling resonates with me as well. I’m reminded of a quote by Oscar Wilde: “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”

  3. Q_Crush says:

    thank you for both of your comments…

    That quote by Wilde is soo true, and I think that is what has handicapped black america, we are so thirsty for status, fame, riches that we compromise who we are and what we believe in for the sake of an large audience/following.

    There are so many shows/tweeters/bloggers out here that will say any and everything, not because its part of their core values, but because it will get the largest amounts of comments, and then their response to the criticism given on the topic is “its just twitter/fb/blogging” and if you dont like what i say dont read, not realizing that by just placing your jaded views into the atmosphere it can have a negative impact on society

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